On behalf of all of the Armstrong Spallumcheen Fire Department members, I would like to thank you for expressing interest in our organization. Volunteer firefighting is a great way to give back to your community, learn new skills, challenge yourself and get to know your neighbours. It's a pastime that can be demanding at times, but it's always rewarding.

To prepare you for this pursuit, we have put together a comprehensive training program that will provide you with the basic skills necessary to work safely at practice, around the fire hall and at an emergency scene. This booklet will provide you with most of the information you need to get through the recruit application and training process; however, should you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you again for your interest in our department. We are looking forward to working with you and wish you every success with the recruit training process.

Ian Cummings

Fire Chief

Armstrong Spallumcheen Fire Department

Application Process

Step One: Application

All Candidates must complete and submit the following documentation as part of the application process:

· Resume including a cover letter

· Police Criminal Records Check Including Vulnerable Sector Screening

· Driver's Abstract & Photocopy of Driver's License

Step Two: Information Session

All applicants will be required to attend an information session hosted by a panel of fire department members who have been through this process and can answer any questions or concerns.

Step Three: Interview

All applicants that meet the hiring requirements will be invited to an interview conducted by the hiring committee.

Step Four: Physical Testing and Medical Examination

· Medical Examination Report, completed and signed by the applicant's Doctor, indicating that the applicant is physically able to perform the duties of a firefighter.

· Successful completion of a physical fitness test administered by the fire department.

Step Five: Recruit Training

Successful candidates will be enrolled in a Recruit/Exterior Firefighter Training Program. This course requires approximately 65 hours to complete and is held at the North Okanagan Fire Training Center on Pottery Rd. in Vernon. Recruit training will be completed over three Saturdays and thirteen weekday evenings. This training is the beginning of your firefighting experience and will give you the basic skills required to work and practice safely in the fire service. Additionally, recruits will be required to attend the Interior Firefighting Training Program offered in October and November.


Before you begin the process of becoming a firefighter with the Armstrong Spallumcheen Fire Department, you must understand the expectations that the department has of all its members. It is also essential for you to know what you can expect from the department.

What the Fire Department expects from you!


It is expected that Firefighters will conduct themselves in a manner that ensures:

· Their own safety

· Their team's safety

· The communities safety


You are expected to attend 100% of recruit training, and all members are required to attend a minimum of 70% of weekly practices. Some additional practices and courses will also be required throughout the year.

Emergency Response

You are required to wear a pager and safely respond to the fire hall, respecting all motor vehicle rules and regulations. You are expected to respond at any time of the day or night when available.

What you can expect from the Fire Department!


The safety of our members is always the number one priority! There is no operational objective that takes precedence over our safety. This priority applies to all training, emergency and non-emergency responses!


All firefighters will receive the training required for them to work safely at an emergency scene. No firefighter will be asked to perform duties which he or she has not been trained to perform.


All firefighters will be issued personal protective equipment and the tools necessary to work safely at an emergency scene.


All firefighters will be treated with respect. Your efforts will be appreciated, and your commitment will be valued.

Each candidate participating in the Recruit Firefighting Program will be issued the following:

Personal Protective Equipment:

· Fire Helmet

· Balaclava

· Turnout Coat and Pants

· Fire Boots

· Fire Gloves

· Rescue Webbing

Study Material

· IFSTA - Essentials of Fire Fighting 6th Edition

Upon successful completion of Recruit/Exterior training and by recommendation of the Fire Chief, the candidate will be accepted as a Probationary Member of the Armstrong Spallumcheen Fire Department. Probation will last a minimum of one year.

Probationary Fire Fighters will receive:

· Fire Department Pager

· ASFD practice T-shirt

· Security access to the fire hall


General Statement of Duties:

All members must be physically and mentally capable of responding to an emergency to perform firefighting/rescue and other related work as required, in the saving of life and property.

Summary of Firefighter Duties, Responsibilities, and Working Conditions:

· Fire department members must reside within our fire protection district.

· Covered by WorkSafeBC and On-Duty Accident & Sickness Insurance.

· May be required to obtain a Hepatitis 'B' vaccination or provide confirmation of current vaccination.

· Must maintain a reasonable level of health and fitness.

· Must carry a pager supplied by the Fire Department.

· Must be able to obtain First Aid and CPR certificates (training provided by the department).

· Must complete a Recruit/Exterior Training Program before activation (Approximately 65 hours).

· Must be committed to continuous training in fire suppression, auto extrication, and emergency first aid procedures.

· For safety reasons, facial hair may affect the integrity of the self-contained breathing apparatus's facepiece seal. Beards, bushy moustaches, and long sideburns are not permitted.

· Responsible for performing various duties under emergency conditions, safely and efficiently.

· Tasks include the routine maintenance of firefighting equipment and property, carrying out specific orders and directions as received from a superior officer, training and firefighting.

· Must respond promptly, safely, and efficiently to alarms, obey the orders of the officer in charge, share in the work that is required at emergency scenes, around the fire station, and when otherwise on duty.

· Must refrain from using offensive statements or language at the emergency scene, in and around the fire stations, and when on duty in public.

· Must be loyal to their fellow firefighters, officers, and department and at all times conduct themselves in a professional, compassionate, and sensitive manner, remembering that he/she is in the eyes of the public while on duty or when wearing identifiable department clothing while not on duty.

· Must meet minimum attendance for calls and training.

· Zero tolerance for members engaging in any fire department business while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Please email your inquiries to or call 250-546-6708 Extension #203